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Article Marketing Influence Package

Discover How To Become More Of An Influence
In Article Marketing And Get More Traffic!

The success of article marketing requires more than just the submitting of articles to directories. Knowing proven tactics is an advantage and can help you be successful in your overall goals.

Within this guide I'll show you exactly how to achieve these known skills through what I'm calling Article Marketing Influence. Start today by doing article marketing the correct way.

Some of the lessons within Article Marketing Influence are...

• Article Marketing... What Is it?
• Finding and Getting The Content
• Writing The Article Yourself
• Getting The Your Next Idea
• Writing High-Quality Articles
• What Constitutes Bad Content?
• Proofreading Everything You've Written
• Outsourcing Professional Writers
• Using PLR Articles
• Using Search Engines To Get Traffic
• And a Whole Lot More…

You may be wondering...

How Do I Know If I Am
Doing All This Correctly
And Where Do I Start?

There are many reasons why this information can be extremely important...

When combined, all of these parts within article marketing play a big part in being more successful towards your goals and maintaining them in the long term.

In other words, it gives you a solid start in article marketing techniques and knowledge.

The information within this guide is important because you'll learn how to improve your overall article marketing tactics and most importantly how to be successful when doing it.

With article marketing, the main idea is to drive traffic to your website, business, products etc, via writing and submitting articles. But you'll learn that this is not the case. Knowing a range of known tactics to drive traffic and making money go hand-in-hand with your online success.

When using the correct tactics and knowledge in article marketing, the magic begins. Within this guide, you'll learn all the strategies that are involved in the long-term article marketing goals. Therefore by enticing yourself to stick with it and not losing focus on your main objectives.

This Book Will Show You Exactly
What You Need To Do To Finally
Be a Success In Article Marketing
The First Time Correctly!

As a person just like you who has struggled with driving traffic online, I've searched high and low to find the best strategies to fix this problem.

This guide is equipped to help you put an end to your frustration with trying to wade through all the info you need to know about article marketing in executing a successful plan.

Sometimes it seems like you’ve tried everything in your power to figure it out, and yet, despite your best efforts, you’re still seeing no results.

Sometimes not knowing even the basics of getting started with article marketing can be hard and daunting.

Also not understanding the basics of marketing can be a downfall within an online goal.

Plus not knowing the best ways to make sure that you're setting yourself up correctly.

That’s why I’ve decided to put together a step-by-step guide focused on helping you navigate through the process of article marketing online to maximize your results and improve your overall goals...

Package includes:
• Article Marketing Influence Guide
• Article Marketing Influence Cheat Sheet
• Article Marketing Influence Mind Map
• Article Marketing Influence Resource Guide
• Sales Page & Thank You Page
• 5 Email Swipes
• 9 Promotional Banners
• 10 Articles
• 10 High-Quality Alternative eCovers
• 10 Social Media Posters
• License

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Article Marketing Ascendancy

Learn Known Tactics About Article Marketing!

Article marketing has been used for years. From media publications, it has shifted to the web which many experts say is timeless thus making it very important in the digital age.

The reason why article marketing is so important is that it will not only enhance your website with information but it will also make it go up the ranks of major search engines which all boils down to quality traffic.

This means that chances of people buying your items via the web are much higher and some of these customers might even come from out of state or from a different country.

You'll Learn About:
• Some Effective Article Marketing Tips
• Writing Easy To Read Articles
• Writing Articles About Internet Marketing
• Using Article Marketing To Help Your Business
• Writing Great Articles

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Article Marketing Dominance

Article Marketing Is A Form Of
Advertisement To Your Website!

Article marketing can help your website become popular and produce more hits in search engines.

Many people choose to advertise by this method simply because it is free. There are numbers of website that offers free article publishing. All you have to do is write an article about the product you are selling or advertising and post it to these kinds of websites. Do not forget to include the URL link of your website after each article.

When you post an article, you are posting an advertisement for access twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It is free of charge.

Just one article can go a long way. The reason other website publishers might look at your article and may republish it to another website. From there, your article can be published and republished to numerous websites still promoting your own website and the product you are advertising or selling.

To write an effective article, one that will glue your readers until they end up in your website URL, is to make it informative, and fun and easy to read.

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The Rules To Article Marketing

You Article Marketing Strategy Will
Prove To Be Useless If Your Article
Will Not Be Accepted By The Publishers
Who Reviews What You Have Been Submitting!

These Tips Will Go A Long Way To Make Your Efforts Successful:
• Advertising via Article Marketing
• Promoting Your Business Using Article Marketing
• Creating The Ideal Resource Box
• Getting Your Articles Read
• Being Successful In Article Marketing
• Outsourcing Top Writers

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The Upper Hand Of Article Marketing

Are You A Website Owner Who Has
Recently Written Or Purchased Articles?

If So, What Do You Plan To Do With Those Articles?

Key Topics Include:
• Using Article Directories To Make Money
• Another Alternative – Selling Articles
• Blogging and Article Marketing
• Top Secrets To Article Marketing
• Buying Articles For Article Marketing
• Using Articles To Make Sales

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Article Marketing Command

Learn All The Known Tactics To
Help You With Article Marketing!

Do enjoy writing articles for your website or blog? If so, did you know that you can use those articles as a way to make money?

You can. In fact, you may be surprised just how many options you have.

So, what can you do with articles you wrote? Honestly, you can do whatever you want with them. Why? Because you authored the articles yourself, making you the legal owner. If you opt for outsourcing, make sure you get exclusive rights. Despite the fact that you have freedom in deciding how you want to use your articles, continue reading on for a few helpful tips.

If you are a website owner and have a published website, add these articles to that site. This is recommended if you ordered or wrote articles that are similar to your website’s main themes. Although any type of article will do, keyword articles are recommended.

They get picked up by the search engines. This means that you may find your website appearing on the front page of Google with applicable internet searches.

Articles that you wrote can also be used on a blog. What is nice about this approach is that blog postings aren’t always expected to be long. In fact, some readers prefer blog posts that are around 200 to 300 words each. Many like to read blogs that get right to the point. This means that you can divide a longer article into two separate blog postings.

Articles can also be submitted to article directories. Unfortunately, this option is often bypassed, as some do not see it as a way to make money. Don’t make the same mistake. When you submit an article to a directory, you get to include a link to your website or blog.

Other internet users can post your article on their website, provided your links are still attached. This is an easy way to spread the word and increase your website or blog traffic. Remember the more traffic you receive, the more you are likely to make money.

Articles can also be added to revenue sharing websites. These are websites where you are paid for displaying your article online. You may receive a percentage of sales generated through advertisement clicks or affiliate purchases, but you may also receive a set page view bonus.

This approach isn’t always the first that comes to mind, but you can utilize it. Remember, you wrote the article, so you can do whatever you want with it.

Finally, you also have the option of reselling your articles. You can create your own website where the articles are listed for sale. This is a great option if you can devote time to writing keyword articles on a wide range of topics or if you can hire an outsourced writer to help. There are also online marketplaces where you can post your articles for sale. This approach is easy and convenient, but watch for high fees, as they can cut into your profits.

So, which approach is best for you? It depends.

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Pro Copywriter Package

Discover How to Convince Your
Readers and Boost Your Conversions!

Imagine If You Could Learn How To Very Simply Write
In A Way That Would Boost Your Conversions Overnight!

Running any business is all about profit and sales and there's one simple way to make more of both.

Ensure that a higher percentage of those people who enter your shop or go onto your website, decide to actually purchase a product.

Well... Lets have a think.

Advertizing agencies get paid millions of dollars each year by business owners like you in order to create high converting copy that practically forces the reader to purchase the product.

Why not learn to do that yourself?


Copywriting is the art of creatively writing in such a way that you can stress the importance of the product to such a degree that the reader feels like they need to purchase it. It's been used for thousands of years to drive sales and it can make such a difference to whether a customer purchases through you or a competitor.

As An Entrepreneur, You Desire Success!

Although the ability to write is one which we all like to think we have acquired, the reality is that most of us suck.

That's hard to take in, because we've all been doing it for decades and we like to believe that we've mastered everything there is to learn.

The reality is that I write better copy than you. What I write will sell better than what you write.

But you can learn. Just like I did.

I've been doing this for many, many years and I can tell you that I was really quite awful when I first started.

I made a lot of mistakes. I wasted a lot of time. I don't want you to have to go through all that stress and heart-ache if you needn't.

Which is why I put together a guide to share my tips to show you in the most efficient way how to write high-converting copy.

We Told You Not To Buy This Product Because...

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Article Magic

Finally Revealed! Get Instant Access To The
Article Marketing Secrets Of Platinum Ezine Authors
That Have Sucked In Tons Of FREE Passive Traffic And Leads!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase time and time again – Traffic is King. For the big powerhouses who have big budgets, advertising and paying for traffic is no problem.

But what about the small business owners who are on a shoestring budget?

They have to resort to free traffic generation methods such as article submissions and SEO for their websites.

These free traffic processes are often slow and yield low results, mainly because they haven’t been able to tap into the full power of article marketing.

Ask yourself, have you ever faced any of these problems?

• You pay tons of money to ghost writers and freelancers to write your articles but their work doesn’t produce much results

• You diligently post articles to multiple directories but not much traffic comes in.

• You have no idea how to produce high quality articles which bring in real traffic

• You are totally clueless when it comes to article marketing!

If you’ve nodded to any of these situations, I want to let you know that you are not alone.

As a matter of fact, I’ve faced these problems too when I first started out on my marketing career. Being on a tight budget, I didn’t have the privilege to spend on paid advertising to grow my business.

I had to resort to bread and butter traffic generation methods which was slow and ineffective.

My business suffered so badly that I seriously felt like giving up.

But I didn’t.

I gathered myself, and I told myself that I would do whatever it takes to find the answer to effective article marketing.

I spent the next few months and years of my life trying to find out what works by modelling the top article marketers in big sites such as EzineArticles.

After all my hard work, I’ve finally discovered the ultimate solution to generating free, passive traffic through article marketing.

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The Copywriter's Manual

Discover How You Can Literally Brainwash
Your Customers With Just Your Words
Using These Insane Copywriting Techniques!

Millions Of Dollars Are Being Left On The
Table Due To Sloppy Copywriting Techniques.
Find Out How You Can Swipe All These Money
For Yourself Using These Writing Strategies!

Did you know that people have literally generating millions of dollars from NOTHING with just the power of their words?

Our ability to communicate is our strongest asset.

Since the discovery of language, words have been used to influence, manipulate and even seduce…

In the modern world, the most successful salesmen have studied how people react to different words and used this knowledge to buy houses for themselves!

Heck, even your neighborhood pick-up-artist is a Master Wordsmith!

But what about the online marketing arena…?

Selling online isn’t an easy task. Long gone are the days of USP (Unique-selling-point). Say hello to ESP – Emotional selling point!

If you don’t know how to tap into the emotions of your readers within the first few minutes of engagement, you can say goodbye to any potential sales!

Here’s the cold hard fact... MILLIONS OF DOLLARS are being left on the table due to poor copywriting techniques!

We Told You Not To Buy This Product Because...

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Ecover Graphics Giant (Part 4)
[5 Modules]

Instantly Boost Your Sales &
Credibility With These High-Impact
Ecover Graphic Templates!

It's not surprising anymore to say that IMAGE is EVERYTHING when you sell digital products online. Why?

The main problem with selling anything online is that the prospect can't actually "touch" the product. Not having a physical image of the product you're selling may have a DEVASTATING effect on your sales & conversions.

Even If You're Selling A Digital Product Online Your Prospects WANT To See A Tangible, Graphical Version of It!

That makes your product valuable and legitimate. It also creates a sense of solidity and realness about your offer. And that makes a HUGE difference in building trust and credibility.

For example, if you're selling an eBook, a 3D professional-looking ecover graphic will create a higher perceived value of your product.

That means you'll be able to charge HIGHER prices, make money money and increase your conversions - all at the SAME TIME!

You'll also be able to truly IMPRESS your prospects that will compel them to give you their money! Remember, perception is everything!

PLEASE NOTE: Very Strange License But You Can Use These And The Other 20 Modules We Have Placed In Other Packages For Any Of Your Projects. Because The License Does Not Allow Inclusion Of More Than 20% Of This Package In A Single Web Site The Portions Listed Above Are Included In The Article Marketing Package!

We Told You Not To Buy This Product Because...

We Were Buying It For You And Adding It To The Article Marketing, Extreme Niche Combo, and The Super Combo Package So You Could Download It For Free!

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Content Clout!

Discover The Underground Blueprint For Making
Loads Of Cash From Successful Article Marketing!

It Doesn't Matter if You're Totally Clueless about Keyword Density, Link Stuffing or Ranking High in Google. These Tactics Can Get You to the Top!

Are you still struggling to figure out article marketing... hoping against hope that one day you'll start making money at it?

The truth is that YOU, just like 95% of the rest of the marketers out there have never really been told the most effective and PROFITABLE way to go about your article marketing efforts. The secrets are left to those, who like some underground exclusive society, make all the money while everyone toils night and day with nothing to show for it.

So let me ask you something... how long have you been an internet marketer?

Let me guess... long enough to have tried 2, 3 or even 4 different strategies to make money online... only to experience little or no results. Am I right?

Well, don't get too down on yourself, because it has happened to the best of us. Even the "gurus" have been where you are, desperately seeking the golden ticket to online wealth and success.

But the real question right now is, how long are you going to let it continue to happen? Well, if you're ready to stop it all right now... and start experiencing the results and profits that you've heard so many others talking so much about...

Then this could be the most important letter you've read in a long time.

You're FINALLY Going to Get The Nitty-Gritty On Article Marketing!

That's right. You're about to be handed a breakthrough article marketing guide that's guaranteed to transform your past failures and disappointments into nothing more than a distant memory of your life!

Heck, you're about to be handed the keys to increasing the amount of traffic that you receive on a daily basis.. so that you can earn the kind of profits you deserve. What's more, you'll soon discover how to optimize your articles EXACTLY the way that Google wants them for quick and easy rankings!

And there's this...

The curtain is being pulled back so you can see how SMART internet marketers save time, money and effort while still raking in the BIG bucks. You see, they're using article marketing techniques that DON'T get slapped or sandboxed by Google, MSN, Yahoo, or Bing.

I realize that may be a mouthful. But there are revolutionary article marketing tactics you can access just moments from now where you'll be handed in-depth training on...

• Traffic driving strategies and keyword research
• Secrets about article word counts that help you gain the attention of the search engines
• How to properly structure your articles....from the introduction, body to the closing paragraph
• Which types of articles are the most effective for your particular marketing campaigns
• How to build credibility in ANY niche you choose... almost instantly!
• Outsourcing your content creation the smart way
• Plagiarism detection websites to protect your business from being flagged
• Setting up article publishing accounts
• The top article directories and distribution channels to submit your articles to
• And a whole lot more!



Content Paychecks Video Course!
(Includes 12 High-Quality Video Tutorials)

Who Else Wants To Learn The Secrets Of Getting
Paid Up To $350 For Writing A Simple Product Review?

Did you know that there is a HUGE crowd who would be willing to pay you anywhere from $15 and up to a $350 for a simple one or two pages article?

If you're not taking advantage of this tremendous opportunity, let me tell you frankly:

You're leaving money on the table!

If you've been trying to earn a living by writing a 500 words article for $3-$5, then you'd surely agree that aint gonna make you rich by tomorrow.

You are trading your life for peanuts.

I was in your shoes not so long ago and I know the exact feelings of trying to break into writing but feeling like it wasn't worth it. I remember feeling like I was in a CRAZY CYCLE…If I didn't write for cheap, I wouldn't get work; but if I took THAT work, I could never pay my bills.

And then there were all of the times I would take a "real" client willing to pay more, but ended up stiffing me and never paying me for my work. Is this what writing for a living was supposed to be like?

But today, I don't take on clients who don't pay me, nor do I accept jobs that require me to take time away from my family. And I don't even LOOK at those $4 slave wage writing jobs anymore. Through bumps, bruises, trial and error, I figured out how to get out of the "crazy cycle" to earn what I want, when I want from my writing. And I am ready to show how to do the same thing.

Thousands of writers are doing it right now and are living proof that you can position yourself earn what you want to fit around your lifestyle.

With the right strategy, I now know how to take on the kind of work that allows me to earn what I want to earn without having to be stuck behind my computer while everybody else is having fun, enjoying life, spending time with loved ones. And you will be able to do the same thing.

It's always a good feeling to KNOW what you're going to earn, but have the freedom to do it on your terms and I want you to experience that same feeling; and you can if you're willing to learn and listen to what I'm going to teach you.

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Article Indexer!

Pop Thousands Of Your Articles Into Pre-
Designed Web Pages And Upload Them To
The Web With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!

Here's The Full Range of Benefits You Get:

• Advanced template system creates and stores any number of page templates you want your articles popped into! This ensures every page looks alike and you are satisfied with the final look!

• Have a master "index" page where links to all of your new articles are placed and have it automatically published to the web. This is vital if you want the search engines to find all of your new content!

• Alphabetize your articles with the the click of a button to keep them organized! This feature is invaluable when you're dealing with hundreds of pages!

• Choose to display snippets of the articles within the index so that readers can quickly find the information they're looking for. As a result, your user activity and revenue skyrocket!

• Enjoy a convenient option of determining how much (or how little) will be displayed on the article index pages. You have full control of what you new website looks like!

• After the articles are created, spit them out into a folder on your computer or directly up to your website! Getting your new web pages created and online only takes minutes!

• Create web pages in all of the desired extensions, including php, html, htm, or asp. Whatever you need, it's included!

• Plus, much many usability features to make managing your content a breeze!



Instant Content Creator!

Dramatically Increase Your Sales By
Creating Better Articles Customers Flock
To Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Here's The Full Range of Benefits You Get:

• Quickly and easily increase the amount of high-quality articles you produce for a surge in traffic! Articles are going to be far more profitable for you as new customers flock to you in droves!

• Increase your visibility and traffic by giving search engines more of the quality content they're looking for. You're likely to get far more prized search engine positions with all of the new articles you produce!

• Gain countless backlinks by supplying and distributing articles that other webmasters and ezine owners publish. Your websites are going to soar in the search rankings!

• Pop-out killer articles that result in more sales at lightning fast speed! No more stressing over what to write or worrying you're off on the wrong track because you're shown step-by-step of what to do!

• Get walked step-by-step through brainstorming article topics, a title, the body of the article, the author's byline, an optional product link, keywords, and web page meta description! By the time your finish, your article is ready-to-go on the web!

• Export your articles into to text or HTML format and use the built-in FTP feature to easily upload your articles to your website! This is another huge time saving feature to make writing your articles quick and easy!

• Store multiple articles inside so that you can go back and edit any time you want! This is vital to keep organized when you're putting out a lot of articles!

• Plus, much more!



Article Analyzer!

Get More Targeted Search Engine
Traffic With Articles Optimized To Give
You Prized Rankings That Pour In Sales!

If You Regularly Write Articles, Press Releases, Blog Entries, Or Any Type of Content You Publish On The Web, Then You Can Dramatically Increase Your Search Rankings With Amazing New Tool That Ensures Your Content Is Ready For The Search Engines!

Here's The Full Range of Benefits You Get:

• Quickly "test" all your articles prior to publishing them on the web to make sure you don't waste all of your effort! Relax knowing all of the time spent on each article is likely to pay off!

• Ensure your keyword density is accurate for easy search engine approval. Never miss-judge whether an article is going to hit the bullseye, costing you a prized profitable search engine ranking you could've easily had!

• Quick catch and correct any spelling errors that might exist with built-in spell-checker. Nothing's worse than working for hours over an article and having an overlooked spelling error limit its success!

• Get the word count, the number of times a chosen word or phrase occurs throughout the content, and the density percentage. All of the data to make smart decisions so your articles pay handsomely are here!

• Save each article in either .txt or HTML format for full flexibility and saved time! Your content is ready for you to submit to directories, online newswires, or publish on your website!

• Quickly spot your keywords inside your article with built-in highlighting feature! This is a huge time saver when you're trying to edit your articles!

• Plus, more features to save you time and give the information you need to succeed with your content!



Synonym Miner!

Get Ready To Give Your Business A Huge
Upgrade, Because You're About To Discover The
Time Saving, Profit Boosting Magic Of Synonym Miner!

This SEO friendly script takes any sentence, article, or text you have and quickly creates hundreds of variations. This allows you to have a relatively endless supply of unique content that can be used throughout your websites. Include code is generated which you then insert into your web page source where you would like content to be displayed.

• Fast and easy method of creating, expanding, and managing countless categories of content.

• Gives you the option of choosing from several different update frequencies - static, each second, each minute, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

• Provides a simple and efficient method of developing countless variations of any given phrase or sentence.

• Individual script installation allows you to use the program on as many different websites as you like.



Article Content Spinner!

Easily Turn Any Content You Have Into A Brand New Original
Article With This Simple To Use Push Button Software!

Never Worry About Duplicate Content Penalties Again!

This Point And Click Software Will Give You A Never Ending Stream Of Original Content To Pull In Search Engine Visitors and More Sales!

You can take your current PLR articles and spin one article into 100 articles in no time flat with this amazing new software!

Here are just a few of the smoking hot features you'll get access to:

• Simple As Pie Interface - You won't be wondering what to do or how to use this system because it's so easily laid out that a 10 year old could use it.
• True Point & Click Content Creation - It couldn't get any easier. You simply load an article and it gives you a bunch of options for customizing and personalizing the article at the click of a button!
• Never Worry About Duplicate Content Again! - You'll never have to worry about being penalized for duplicate content again because Article Content Spinner is going to create loads of unique, original content for you to serve up to the search engines.
• Readable, Well Flowing Articles And Content - Unlike many other content spinning programs, Article Content Spinner creates beautiful flowing content that is a pleasure for your visitor to read! The others create a mixed up mess that rarely makes sense.
• Extreme Control - You approve or deny each change that is made to your articles to make sure that they make sense and are readable to the search engines and your visitors. This is done without any typing!
• Create Articles Super Fast - You can spin an article in just a few seconds and a couple of clicks and you'll have an original piece of content ready to serve to search engines and visitors. You can pump out hundreds of articles in this amazing software in under an hour!
• Versatile Options - You can load your content from a text file, a website URL or just copy and paste it into the system so you can be sure that it will work on any of your content customization projects.

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Please Note!

This product was recently acquired from the
"Source Code Gold Mine Retirement Sale"
and now comes with Private Label Rights!



PLR Extractor Software!

Have You Ever Thought That You Can Use
Your DOC Or PDF eBooks To Extract Articles?

“PLR Extractor” will copy material from PDFs, DOCs and then create articles for use on your blogs and elsewhere to satisfy your demand for content.



Monthly Article Membership!

Fresh Search Engine Content For Your Website Monthly!

I’m going to assume you already know the fact that in order to succeed online… you must provide your visitors with interesting and educating content.

The bitter reality is without content, your whole sales message and product will not get the traffic it need to sell your prospective customers - no matter how persuasive and convincing it is, because no one will see it!

It doesn’t matter if you hired the best copywriter in the world to write the most mouth-watering ads… if you don’t provide content to get your customers to your site and then educate your prospects and readers with what they came to your site looking for… you will not sell a thing!

I have your answer right here so there‘s no need to keep searching.

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Article Marketing Gold!

Use The Huge Power of Article Marketing To Drive
Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Website... and Instantly
Become THE Person Your Prospects Want To Buy From!

I won't lie to you. Driving traffic and building credibility can be difficult. I for one struggled with it for years...

But article marketing can solve both problems in one go!

Listen, if you've never tried article marketing seriously then you're missing out on of THE best methods in internet marketing.

With social networking and video marketing grabbing all the headlines in recent years, it's easy to forget what a damn good method article marketing really is!

Best of all, it's FREE (providing you're prepared to put some work in yourself).

You see, the chances are you don't have huge amounts of money to throw at your online business (especially if you're just starting out) - so article marketing is the perfect solution...

It's also extremely viral - so the results of your efforts are likely to be coming in for YEARS!



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  The Following Items Come With Master
Resale Rights and/or Private Label Rights!
(Unless Indicated Otherwise)
4 Steps To Article Writing Success! (Added 2012) $9.95
5 Article Writing Tactics! [Bonus] (Added 2012) $9.95
5-Part Article Marketing e-Course [RR] (Added 2009) $5.00
5 Steps To Article Marketing Success (Added 2009) (Read More) $19.97
7 Days To Easy Money - Get Paid To Write A Book $47.00
10 Most Common E-zine Publishing Mistakes You Must Avoid (Added 2008) $9.95
25 Basics Of Investing Articles $37.00
25 Niche Audio Articles $37.00
25 Online Dating Articles $37.00
25 Web Design Articles $37.00
31 PLR Articles Package $37.00
35 High Quality Ezine Templates (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
50 Credit Cards & Credit Card Debt Articles $49.97
50 Gardening & Landscaping Articles $49.97
50 Internet Marketing Articles (Click Here To Read More) $49.97
50 Real Estate & Sell Your House Articles $49.97
75 Internet Marketing Articles $49.97
100 Niche Articles Package $67.00
175 PLR Articles Package $97.00
4,961 Internet Marketing Words And Phrases That Sell Like Crazy! (Click Here To Read More) $37.00
1,079 Online Auction Words And Phrases That Sell Like Crazy! (Click Here To Read More) $37.00
8,605 Niche Marketing Words And Phrases That Sell Like Crazy! (Click Here To Read More) $37.00
10,000 Words & Phrases That Sell Like CRAZY! (Click Here To Read More) $49.00
ARTICLE 4 PRO (Added 2010) (Read More) $47.00
Article Advantage Pro (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
Article Agenda! (Added 2012) $17.00
Article Analyzer [Resale Rights] (Added 2013) $47.00
Article Buzz! (Added 2012) $37.00
Article Cash (Click Here To Read More) $67.95
Article Content Spinner (Added 2013) (Read More) $247.00
Article Directory Generator (Click Here To Read More) $397.00
Article Expediter! (Added 2010) (Read More) $10.00
Article Helper! [Resale Rights] (Added 2012) $9.95
Article Ideas! (Added 2009) $17.00
Article Indexer [Resale Rights] (Added 2013) $47.00
Article Magic (Added 2016) (Read More) $97.00
Article Marketing 101 (Added 2008) $37.00
Article Marketing 5 Parts Video Ecourse! (Added 2010) $9.95
Article Marketing - A Quick And Easy Overview! (Added 2010) $9.95
Article Marketing Ascendancy (Added 2017) $27.00
Article Marketing Command (Added 2017) $27.00
Article Marketing Course (Click Here To Read More) $67.00
Article Marketing Dominance (Added 2017) $27.00
Article Marketing for Content & Profit Audio eBook Package (Added 2016) $27.00
Article Marketing Gold (Added 2013) $7.00
Article Marketing Influence Package (Added 2017) (Read More)

Package includes:
• Article Marketing Influence Guide
• Article Marketing Influence Cheat Sheet
• Article Marketing Influence Mind Map
• Article Marketing Influence Resource Guide
• Sales Page & Thank You Page
• 5 Email Swipes
• 9 Promotional Banners
• 10 Articles
• 10 High-Quality Alternative eCovers
• 10 Social Media Posters
• License

Article Marketing Knockdown [Bonus] (Added 2013) $9.95
Article Marketing Made Easy! (Added 2009) (Read More) $8.95
Article Marketing Magic! (Added 2012) $9.95
Article Marketing Profits! (Added 2010) (Read More) $17.00
Article Marketing Secrets! (Added 2012) $17.00
Article Marketing Secret Tips And Tricks! (Added 2010) (Read More) $16.00
Article Marketing: Soup To Nuts Videos! (Added 2010) $9.95
Article Marketing Superhero! (Added 2010) (Read More) $27.00
Article Marketing Video Crash Course (Added 2009) (Read More) NA
Article Master Series Volume 4 (Added 2008) $9.97
Article Niche PLR Wordpress Theme (Added 2013) $5.00
Article Page Machine (Click Here To Read More) $14.99
Article Page Mill $47.00
Articles4Newbies (Added 2010) (Read More) $47.00
Article Site Builder (Click Here To Read More) $297.00
Article Submitter (Includes Source Code) (Click Here To Read More) $297.00
ARTICLE SUBMITTER 4 PRO (Added 2010) (Read More) $47.00
Article Syndication Script (Version:1.5) $19.97
Article Traffic Blitz [Bonus] (Added 2017) $9.95
Article Wizard! (Added 2011) (Read More) $47.00
Article Writing Quick Tips $17.00
Article Writing Secrets (Click Here To Read More) $67.95
Article Writing Super Secrets (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Automated Article Marketing Profit Blueprint $77.00
Automated Profit System (Added 2009) $27.00
Big Profit Article Marketing! (Added 2010) (Read More) $47.00
Cash for Content (Click Here To Read More) $397.00
Cash for Content Toolbox $27.00
Cash Sucking Sales Letter Secrets (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
CONTENT CHECKER 4 PRO! (Added 2010) (Read More) $47.00
Content Clout [Bonus] (Added 2015) $67.00
Content-In-A-Box! (Added 2012) $20.00
Content Magnet Article Extractor (Click Here To Read More) $149.00
Content Magnet Fortune (Includes 9 High-Quality Video Tutorials) (Added 2013) $97.00
Content Paychecks Video Course (12 High-Quality Video Tutorials) [Bonus] (Added 2014) (Read More) $17.00
Content Spin Bot! (Added 2011) $37.00
Copywriting Basics (Added 2008) $27.00
Copywriting For The Web Basics (Click Here To Read More) $17.00
Crash Course Guide To E-zine Publishing (Added 2008) $47.00
Create Your Own eBook Without Ever Writing A Word (Includes Source Code) (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Duplicate Content Detonator (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Easy Archive Maker (Click Here To Read More) $19.95
Easy Ebook Money (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Easy Mobile Squeeze Pages - Part 4 (2 Squeeze Pages In 5 Stylish Variations) [Bonus & Developer Rights] (Added 2015) (Read More)

Package includes:
• Squeeze Page 7: Mystery Revealed In 5 Stylish Variations
• Squeeze Page 8: Sweet Rock In 5 Stylish Variations

Ebook Empires Unleashed (Added 2008) $47.00
Ebook Explosion (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
E-Book Marketing Exposed (Click Here To Read More) $17.00
eBook Marketing Revealed (Click Here To Read More) $47.97
Ecover Graphics Giant Part 4 [Bonus] (Added 2016) (Read More) $19.95
Email Writing Secrets (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Evil Article Marketing! (Added 2011) $9.95
eWriterPro (Added 2008) (Click Here To Read More) $37.00
Expert Articles Pack $67.00
Exploiting Ezine Articles (Added 2010) $17.00
Explosive Article Tactics! [Bonus] (Added 2010) $9.95
Ezine Article Sniper! [Bonus] (Added 2011) $19.95
Ezine Machine V.1 (Click Here To Read More) $24.95
Ezine Marketing Magic (Click Here To Read More) $147.00
Ezine Publishing Riches (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Ezine Resource Guide $14.97
Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
Flipping Content For Profits $19.95
Freelance Profits $19.95
Get Started With HubPages [GR] (Added 2015) NA
Ghostwriters From The Inside Out (Click Here To Read More) $37.00
Graphics Treasure Chest Volume 3 (Part 5) [Bonus] (Added 2015) (Read More)

Package includes:
• MODULE #17 – Flyers
• MODULE #18 – Business Cards
• MODULE #19 – Pricing Tables
• MODULE #20 – Royalty-Free Photos

Guide To Private Label Rights (Click Here To Read More) $27.00
Guide To Successful Online Freelancing (Added 2008) $9.95
Health & Fitness 25 Article Pack (Click Here To Read More) $25.00
Hot and Fast Article Marketing! [RR] (Added 2010) $9.97
Hot Topics Package - Group 3 (Added 2014)

Products include:
• Motivated Motivation
• Rich Kids
• Selfie Secrets
• Send In The Drones
• The 10 Keys To Happiness
• The Art Of Upcycling
• The Dangers Of Sitting
• To Heaven And Back

How To Become A Top Notch Writer! (Added 2009) (Read More) $17.00
How To Create A Huge Database Of Articles On Your Website (Click Here To Read More) $24.95
How To Create A WordPress Powered Article Directory! (Added 2011) $9.95
How To Succeed As An Article Writer (Click Here To Read More) $24.97
How to Write a High Converting Web Copy (Added 2008) $12.50
How To Write Successful Emails! (Added 2009) (Read More) $9.95
How To Write Your First Article! (Added 2010) (Read More) $37.00
How To Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Indexed Articles Creator! (Added 2012) $47.00
Info Keeper $17.00
Instant Adsense Article Directory (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Instant Article Suite! (Added 2011) $37.00
Instant Content Creator [Resale Rights] (Added 2013) $47.00
Jeff Dedricks PLR Articles (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
Killer Web Copy Exposed (Added 2008) $12.50
Make Money With Your Writing! [Resale Rights] (Added 2012) $9.95
Massive Article Profits Package! (Added 2011)

Package Includes:

  • Massive Article Profits
  • Ten Secrets To Article Marketing
Maximizing Your Web Copy Conversion Rates (Added 2008) $12.50
Merge Articles! [RR] (Added 2011) (Read More) $47.00
Mini Article Rewriter! (Added 2010) (Read More) $27.00
Monthly Article Membership (Added 2013) (Read More) $197.00
My Article Submitter (Click Here To Read More) $137.00
Newbie's Guide To Basic Copywriting $47.00
PLR Extractor Software (Added 2013) $17.00
Private Label Article Kit - Traffic & Search Engine Optimization (Click Here To Read More) $15.00
Private Label Blowout (Added 2008) $97.00
Private Label Empire Pack - 300+ PLR Articles (Click Here To Read More) $49.97
Private Label Empire  - A Year of Content (Click Here To Read More) $49.97
Private Label Content Pack - Affiliate Marketing (Click Here To Read More) $49.97
Private Label Content Pack - Hobbies, Arts, and Crafts (Click Here To Read More) $49.97
Private Label Content Pack -  Self Improvement (Click Here To Read More) $49.97
Pro Copywriter Package (Added 2016) (Read More) $27.00
Public Domain Prowler (Click Here To Read More) $74.00
Public Domain - Turning Ideas To Dollars $19.97
Push Button Private Label Article Site Builder (Click Here To Read More) $247.00
Quick & Easy Guide to Article Marketing (Click Here To Read More) $67.00
Sales Letter Creator (Includes Source Code) (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Sales Letter For Newbies (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
Secret Article Code (Added 2008) (Read More) $49.00
Simple 5 Minute Article Traffic Plan (Added 2009) $17.00
Speed Writing [Bonus] (Added 2017) $9.95
Spin Master Pro Package! (Added 2011) (Read More)

Package Includes:

  • Spin Writer Pro
  • Easy Auto Spinner
Spinner Pro! (Read More) $147.00
Super Article Traffic (Added 2009) $97.00
Synonym Miner [Resale Rights] (Added 2013) $47.00
Text Tidy Tool $9.97
The Seventeen Method (Added 2008) $27.00
The Big Article Pack (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
The Content Crusade Audio eBook Package (Added 2016) $27.00
The Copywriter's Manual (Added 2016) $97.00
The Expert Guide To Article Marketing (Added 2008) $9.97
The Internet Marketer's Guide To Article Marketing (Added 2009) (Read More) $47.00
The Lazy Man's Guide To Writing Articles (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
The Mega Private Label Article Pack (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
The Rules To Article Marketing (Added 2017) $27.00
The Ultimate Article Writing, Traffic Generating System $97.00
The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Very Own E-book In 5 Days Or Less (Added 2008) (Click Here To Read More) $29.00
The Upper Hand Of Article Marketing (Added 2017) $27.00
Tip Article Creator (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
Turning Digital Trash Into Cash (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Underground Outsourcing Strategies (Click Here To Read More) $37.00
Unique Content Generator PRO $97.00
Unleash The Book Within (Added 2008) $37.00
Very Evil Manifesto! [Bonus] (Added 2011) $7.00
Viral Article Producer Software! [Resale Rights] (Added 2012) (Read More) $147.00
Viral Article Publisher (Added 2008) $147.00
Web Sales Letters Supreme (Click Here To Read More) $14.95
Why Start An E-zine? (Added 2008) $9.95
Writing Effective Sales Letters (Click Here To Read More) $97.00
Writing For Fast Cash (Click Here To Read More) $19.95
Writing For wikiHow Tutorial [GR] (Added 2015) NA
Writing Profit Pulling Article (Video Tutorial) (Added 2012) $9.95
Xtreme Article Rewriter! [Giveaway Rights] (Added 2012) $9.95
Your Very Own Article Directory (Click Here To Read More) $297.00

The Following Items Are Included To Help You Create and Market Your Article-Related Products (These Include Master Resale Rights)

Automatic Website Audio For Newbies (Click Here To Read More) $47.00
Impact Web Audio (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Instant Audio Creator (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Instant Audio Streamer (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Instant Video Creator (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Instant Video Streamer (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
MM Responders Software (Click Here To Read More) $147.00
PDF Labeling and Stamper Pro (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Profit Gadget (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Text To Speech Converter and Podcast Creator (Click Here To Read More) $197.00
Ultimate Newsletter Templates (Click Here To Read More) $47.00

You Also Receive The Following BONUS ITEMS!

101 Short, Sharp, Mini-Articles To Help Your Online Business N/A
Andre Bell's Killer 95 Point Copywriting Checklist N/A
Article Creator Software N/A
Article Finder N/A
Article Magic N/A
Article Marketing Jet Fuel N/A
Article Marketing Right N/A
Articles To Instant Cash N/A
Copyrighting Basics N/A
E-Book Profit Centers Revealed N/A
Guide To Copywriting N/A
Have You Plotted Your Story Before Writing It N/A
How To Cash In On PLR Articles N/A
How To Make Money With Articles N/A
How To Profit From Article Marketing N/A
How To Research, Create & Promote Your Own Articles N/A
How To Write Articles For Profit N/A
How To Write Ezine Ads That Guarantee Results N/A
Keeping Your Readers Interested When Writing Non-Fiction N/A
Marketing With Articles - Part 1 N/A
Marketing With Articles - Part 2 N/A
Marketing With Articles - Part 3 N/A
Marketing With Articles - Part 4 N/A
Marketing With Articles - Part 5 N/A
Marketing With Articles - Part 6 N/A
Marketing With Articles - Part 7 N/A
My Private Article Vault Volume 1 N/A
Put Your Article Marketing On Steroids With Blogs & RSS N/A
Quick & Easy Guide To Marketing Your Article N/A
Selling Products Online N/A
Speak That Article N/A
Super Easy Format N/A
The Best Articles Ever Written N/A
The Power of Article Marketing N/A
Viral Article Toolkit N/A
Web 2.0 Magic For Bloggers & Article Marketers N/A
Write Like a Maniac N/A
Writing Articles That Sell N/A
Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide N/A
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